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Potential impacts on learning of COVID-19

This NWEA report uses their MAP test and growth norms to predict the impact of out-of-school learning loss due to COVID-19. The authors found students would return to school having only learned 70% of a prior year’s knowledge in reading and only 50% of a prior year’s mathematics.


Summer Learning Recruitment Guide

This resource provides administrators guidance on recruiting students and families to attend summer school. Recommendations of best practices for marketing and communications are provided as well as real world examples.


Why the Coronavirus Crisis Hits Teenagers Particularly Hard

Developmental scientists explain the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on adolescents, within the context of the social, emotional and physical changes experienced during the teenage years. This article also offers suggestions for minimizing the effects of social isolation during the pandemic.

Instructional Design Principles for Remote Teaching and Learning

These seven principles of instructional design for remote learning have been developed to maximize learning in a manageable way while also emphasizing the importance of flexibility for both teachers and students in their new “classroom” setting.


Strategies to Support Remote Learning Along a Continuum of Access

This handout from REL Central provides guidance and planning suggestions for supporting remote learning, whether students are online or offline. It includes strategies curated from multiple remote learning plans as well as linked resources.